Matter without Spirit is motionless. Spirit without matter is expressionless.

Chiropractic, like yoga, unites the human physical with the human spirit for full life expression ~ Express Your Potential and Thrive!

Chiropractic serves the body to enhance neural coordination and communication, optimizing function and full life expression.

Yoga Therapy personalizes postures, motion and breath to bring the individual to new levels of self awareness in body and being.

Both meet the fullness of who we are, body, mind & spirit, as we emanate from source, proactively enhancing our vibrant health, grounding our well-being.

At THRIVE!, progressive health care though chiropractic meets the application of the ancient art of yoga.  The purpose of both chiropractic and yoga is to express who we are uniquely, beyond limitation, in the fullness of our connection with source.  Let THRIVE! Chiropractic Yoga Therapy provide the CORE of your wellness lifestyle.

Dr. Lal Kerr engages health and healing from a “whole Being” perspective.  She discovered chiropractic through yoga, the practice of uniting body, mind and spirit.  As yoga integrates the core of our physical being and the seat of our consciousness, principled chiropractic offers a similar opportunity.

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