Since emerging from her academic experience and stepping into clinical practice, Dr. Lal has considered the chiropractic adjustment of subluxation as a form of yoga.  The root of the word yoga connotes uniting, yoking together the body-mind-spirit.  D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic in the late 19th century said, “The purpose of chiropractic is to unite man the physical with man the spiritual.”  Coincidence?  This shared theme across cultures and time informs this natural pairing of concepts in Lal’s work.

Serving chiropractic adjustments for over 15 years, Lal has always given posture and breath “awarenesses” and instructions for home exercises for people to use at home after adjustment sessions, to support the person’s system to keep unwinding from within.  All of these “assignments” were drawn from yogic teachings and principles, if not actual yoga kriyas, asanas and pranayams.  Lal now offers time to support each individual through a personally tailored sequence of yogic activities as part of the professional office visit.  Yoga therapy sessions can be an adjunct to the chiropractic adjustment or be completely independent.

Working with Lal always requires a personal Initial Visit to review your health history and to assess your body’s baseline presentation for care.  Once care is established, you are eligible to schedule adjustments, yoga therapy visits or sessions that combine both.  Lal particularly enjoys bringing small groups together into supported yoga therapy classes (usually 3-5 people), combining personal discovery and healing with the mutual support of community.

Sessions with Lal are your unique opportunity to receive personally supported neuromusculotherapeutic care from a yogic perspective with a licensed health care professional.  These sessions can directly inform you of how to care for yourself in your own personal home yoga practice and hold the potential for personal transformation.